Morgan Heritage, “Perfect Love Song” (online video premiere)

The legendary reggae band Morgan Heritage is gearing up to release their first album in five years, Here Come the Kings. That doesn’t drop until June 11, but in the meantime, they’ve whet our audio appetites with “Perfect Love Song.” It’s a sweet reggae diddy about—you guessed it—the perfect love song to bring cheer on a rough day. With so much of the turmoil and negativity in the world trickling down to music, this really is the perfect love song. If you can’t get to a Caribbean beach anytime soon, then throw on this tune, close your eyes and make believe as you sway to the rhythm. got ahold of the official video for an exclusive online premiere today. The video, shot in Miami’s Little Hait, is the perfect reflection of the song’s lyrics.

Watch it here and enjoy. 

Neijah Lenae, Trouble in Paradise EP

Neijah Lenae seems to have fallen out of the sky. Her name popped up in my inbox one day and I decided to give her a chance… and I’m glad I did. There’s not much biographical information about the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, except for the fact that she’s been crafting her lyrical prowess since age 16.

Lenae’s debut project is the Trouble in Paradise EP. It’s eight ethereal acoustic songs about love, including a cover of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” and a cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans.” It’s hard to compare Neijah Lenae to anyone, but listeners will appreciate the instrumentation in her music selection, which was overseen by executive producers J. Hyphen & Chi-Kotiq (The Formula). Despite the dreamy, more alternative/trip-hoppy quality of her sound, Neijah Lenae did enlist the help of Texas femcee Raven Sorvino, who still manages to mesh well into the mix.

Download here.

Eve, Lip Lock

Just so we’re clear, the world was very different the last time Eve released an album—about 11 years ago—and so was Eve. The social media boom hadn’t taken off just yet (Friendster anyone?), and Eve was just on the brink of her Hollywood success. Today, she’s jetsetting around the world with her super billionaire boyfriend, but also not quite ready to give up the music. Hence the release of her long-awaited album, Lip Lock, which follows years of label drama.

Eve’s sound isn’t as hardcore as we remember from her days as the First Lady of Ruff Ryders, but it’s still familiar as she enlisted her go-to producers, The Neptunes, Swizz Beatz and Rico Love. What hasn’t changed is Eve’s confidence level, which becomes evident on tracks like “Eve,” “Grind or Die” and “She Bad Bad,” where she tells tales of stacking chips and being a fly girl. There’s also inspirational stuff like “Make It Out This Town” and “Never Gone.” Collaborations include Dawn Richard, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg (when he was still a “dogg”), Chrisette Michele and some lesser-known, up-and-coming artists. In truth, it’s obvious that Eve isn’t as hungry or inspired as she used to be, but it’s not a terrible offering if you get rid of some of the fluff.

Available where music is sold.

Wale, “LoveHate Thing” (ft. Sam Dew)

Wale just dropped the second single from his forthcoming album, The Gifted, out June 25. Wale’s rhymes are underscored by Sam Dew’s soulful ad libs, as he tells tales of his upbringing, and how “they gon’ love you a little different when you at the top.” It’s an ode to the changes that come along with a higher profile. Get it? It’s about a love/hate relationship with fame.

Get it here.

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