Angel Haze Classick

The Detroit native made waves online last week when she released “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” a personal tale rapped over Eminem’s track of the same title and beat, where she revealed her experiences with child abuse growing up. Now, the follow-up to that song is an entire mixtape on which listeners can find “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” along with other tracks like “Gossip Folks,” “B*tch Bad” and other songs rapped over beats by Missy Elliott, Lupe Fiasco and more.

Download here.

Raven Sorvino “Shinin’ on ’Em”  

Raven Sorvino is another woman emerging on the hip-hop scene who is making a major name for herself without the use of flashy wigs and hyper-sexualized lyrics. She brands her style of music “playa music,” and that’s about right. The Los Angeles native teamed up with producer M. Stacks for “Shinin’ on ’Em,” a laidback and funky braggadocio tale about—you guessed it—getting the money and being a star.

Listen here.

Jack Davey “Sh*t Gets Deep” 

Jack Davey, frontwoman of electronic-soul duo J*DaVeY, recently released the first part of her three-part EP, L0-F! Side A, and she’s gearing up to drop the album’s counterpart, Side B, on November 6. In anticipation of the latter, Jack released the first single, “Sh*t Gets Deep,” where she calls out hypocritical people. Jack sings, “You call a bluff but can’t take it the same” against a bluesy rock tune produced by Joey Strat of The Knux. See if you don’t look at yourself in the mirror after listening to this one!

Listen here.

Cody Chesnutt Landing on a Hundred

It has been 10 years since Cody Chesnutt released his debut double-album, the extremely well received The Headphone Masterpiece. Aside from an EP and a self-released live album, the Southern rock/soul singer has been low-key. But that’s about to change, because Landing on a Hundred is out today. The new album features 12 songs covering a wide spectrum of topics from social consciousness to overcoming struggle and, of course, he brings his signature sound that fans have fallen in love with.

Listen here.

Cee Lo Cee Lo’s Magic Moment

From pet cats to Toucan Sam-style attire, you never know what to expect from Cee Lo Green, so it shouldn’t be much of a shocker that he released a Christmas album two months early. Cee Lo’s Magic Moment, available today, features classics like “This Christmas,” “White Christmas,” “Silent Night” and more saaaanging by Mr. Green.

Available wherever music is sold.

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