Disclosure ft. Mary J. Blige, “F For You”

The English-based electronic duo teamed up with Mary J. Blige to spruce up the original version of “F For You,” which appeared on their 2013 album, Settle. The story goes something like: Mary J. heard the original and was so impressed by its production that she wanted to get involved. The result is this remix, that sounds more like 1990s house music along the lines of Crystal Waters than it does electronic. That’s a good thing. I dare you to listen and not want to dance.

Algebra Blessett, Recovery

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Algebra Blessett is back with her latest album, Recovery (out today). Her latest single,  “Nobody But You,” is a feel-good, mid-tempo ballad, which celebrates the joys of being in love. If you like this song, then the rest of the album will be a joy to hear. It’s a complication of her soulfulness mixed with her life experiences and deft ability to capture those raw emotions via her music. This is the type of album you’ll want to listen to when you’re spring cleaning, when you have a date over, when you need to relax… and generally over and over again. Get into it!

Get the full album here.

Pete Rock ft. Lacrae and Rapsody, “Be Inspired”

Pete Rock teamed up with 9th Wonder’s Jamla collective for a new joint from the label’s upcoming mix, Jamla Is the Squad (out today). The Khrysis-produced track is soulful yet low-key, as each MC trades verses about life having deeper meaning than what people often allow themselves to see, and how art should actually have meaning and not be contrived just for the sake of it. The goal here is to inspire, pun intended.

Get the album here.

Murs, “Mo$ Def”

The Cali native channeled some of his Southern rapping cousins by spitting over this synth- and bass-driven beat, produced Curtiss King. The trap-style track features Murs rapping about the various types of women that strike his fancy. Murs actually raps about women a lot, but usually from a more emo standpoint—he’s known as being conscious, quirky and emo in general. But here, he’s talking more about fat booties and out of town creeps with Instagram models than getting his heart broken as per the usual.

“Mo$ Def” is part of Mur’s latest mixtape, Shut Your Trap, a collaboration with Curtiss King. The entire project marks a new sound and direction for Murs (legendary for his epic collabo chemistry with 9th Wonder), but his followers already know he likes to experiment. He hasn’t dropped a complete dud just yet, so if you like this track, then go ahead and download the whole thing.

Download the mixtape here.

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