J.T. and Jay-Z get suave, Bilal wants us to love again, Frank Vocals kicks his trifling girlfriend to the curb and another lady lyricist comes correct.

Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z – “Suit & Tie”

It seems like Justin Timberlake has found some new inspiration after being on musical hiatus since his last album dropped in 2006. The singer/actor tapped longtime collaborator Timbaland for production and Jay-Z for assistance with a verse for “Suit & Tie.” It’s a romantic two-step-inducing tune about being “on your suit and tie” grown man isht. “Let me show you a few things about love” is the hook J.T. sings repeatedly in his signature falsetto. The trumpet-driven, drum-heavy beat slows down toward the end of the song when Jay-Z steps in with a simple verse about being grown and in love, “wearing tuxedos for no reason” and keeping his “angels” (Blue and Beyoncé, of course) decked out in the finest. “Suit & Tie” is the first single from J.T.’s forthcoming album The 20/20 Experience.

Available on iTunes.

Bilal – “Back to Love”

I got some good news this week. Bilal has another album coming out in February entitled A Love Surreal. Woohoo! Anyway, if you can’t wait until then check out his latest single, “Back to Love.” It’s not new to some, as it’s been out since December, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point it out. It’s a jazzy, feel-good diddy about getting “back to love.” That can go however you want to take it. I take it as, we the people need to stop being so hateful. It’s a simple but never trite concept.

Listen here.

Frank Vocals – “No Love (Dear Angie)”

There’s nothing like a spurned lover singing about his pain. That’s exactly what you get with Frank Vocal’s  “No Love (Dear Angie),” a classic tale about a good man who is fed up with bad treatment. Something about the song is bittersweet, along the lines of part Jaheim, part Sade—gritty, melancholy, vulnerable but also empowering. Frank Vocals, despite his immense talent, seems mysterious. There’s not much information on him other than the fact that he was a part of a Lowell, Massachusetts-based collective known as Beast Boyz. This is a solo offering from his latest mixtape, 5TW085.

Listen here.

MISSTERYTheMovement – “Plus Tax”

MISSTERYTheMovement is an Atlanta-bred thoroughbred with a soulful sound that can best be described as a nod to southernplayalisticadillacmuzik style. She’s part of a collective of MCs hailing from various regions of the US, known as The Era of No Error (think about that for a sec). This collective is nothing but rapping-a$$ rappers who go hardcore when it comes to lyricism and being, well, hardcore. “Plus Tax” is MISSTERYTheMovement’s latest single about girl power and all that good stuff. “You on that bulls%!t plus tax, every time you see your girl get back,” she raps, in an attempt to warn nonbelievers that she’s not the one to be played with because she’s “inherited an intelligence that no man can take.” There’s even a segment at the end where she shouts out some of the strongest women she knows.

Listen here.