Sony will not confirm how many Michael Jackson tracks have been stolen after its website was hacked, but this isn’t the first online attack that has crippled the company. In April last year, the Sony PlayStation Network was hacked and the company admitted that the personal details of more than 70 million people may have been taken. The theft of the late King of Pop’s songs is said to have taken place soon after that.

In 2010, Sony Music paid $250 million to the late singer’s estate for a seven-year deal for the rights to his remaining songs. The first tracks came out with the release of a posthumous album called “Michael” in December that year. The singer, who died at the age of 50, had recorded unreleased duets with artists ranging from the late Freddie Mercury to Black Eye Peas singer

James Marks, 26 and 25-year-old James McCormick, both from the UK, were arrested last May on charges of computer misuse and copyright offenses. Both are due to stand trial in January 2013.

With Sony being mum about how much was taken, will these songs ever see the light of day?