This past Saturday, a Soul Train flash mob descended upon Times Square to pay tribute to the late Don Cornelius in a very big way. Organized via the internet, almost 100 people gathered at the famous landmark, formed the standard Soul Train lines, and proceeded to get funky. Participants were decked out in Soul Train attire, complete with bell bottoms, rollerskates and Afro wings, and took turns heading down the line. 

"Don Cornelius brought soul to the whole world," said 37-year-old Ramona Hamm.

The founding father of the hippest ride on television, Don Cornelius ushered in an expressive outlet for Black culture when there was little to none found on the air. This and many other tributes continue to demonstrate the profound impact he had across various generations and races. As we continue to celebrate the life and times of Cornelius, should we be more upset that there's not a show currently airing that has the same positive cultural impact?