Soon, wearing your pants below your hips will be illegal in South Carolina, if the state Legislature gets its way.

According to WLTX 19, state lawmakers introduced House Bill 4957, which would make it unlawful to show skin and underwear if your pants are sagging “three inches below” the hips.

Violators of this proposed law, which has received bipartisan support, would have to pay “$25 for a first offense; $50 or three hours of community service for a second offense; and $75 or six hours of community service for a third or subsequent offense,” according to the article.

Rep. Joe Johnson, a Democrat who’s a sponsor of the bill says that this isn’t about race, but about looking professional.

“It’s unbecoming, it’s unprofessional,” Johnson told WLTX 19. “It is not just targeting African-American men. I see men of all races walking around with this same problem. It is just disingenuous, we should not have this.”

Johnson told the network that violators would still be able to go to college, receive grants and get loans.

“This is just to prevent these fellas and giving them at least an obligation to realize that they’re walking around and they’re convincing others to follow them,” he said.