Last week, Nelly sparked a bit of controversy in his response to a group of women at Spelman college, expressing his frustration surrounding a 2004 protest of a bone marrow drive on the historically Black women's campus.

But on Monday, a group of former students responded to the rapper, criticizing him for not taking responsibility for his actions and placing the blame on the students instead. Asha Jennings, a former member of the Spelman Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA), said the women hoped Nelly could look beyond his personal situation to understand the broader message that his video, "Tip Drill" was projecting to the community by objectifying women.

"We are a historically Black, all women's institution," Jennings told Huff Post Live host, Marc Lamont Hill. "If there's anybody that has an obligation to young Black girls in the community, it's us."