Spike Lee has made several classic films that would lend themselves perfectly to Broadway. Apparently, Lee also believes this and may be ready to bring one to the stage just yet. In a recent interview with "Good Morning America," Lee revealed that he is considering a musical centered on his 1989 film "Do The Right Thing." While he did not say
much on the likeliness of the project or when to expect it on the stage, the director did say that he is "speaking to Mr. Nederlander about it."

Lee is currently directing Mike Tyson's one-man Broadway show, which above mentioned James Nederlander is producing. Lee's wife also expressed her support in bringing "Do The Right Thing" to the stage and has encouraged her husband to consider it. Seeing as Lee will soon be finished with his "Red Hook Summer" touring and promotion, he will need another project to work on and this musical may very well be just the thing.