Score one for the NBA's oft-maligned  Los Angeles Clippers. For the first time in its 29-year-history in L.A., the Clippers swept the Lakers for the season. They sealed the deal Sunday afternoon winning 109-95 in a game where Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant was forced to stay on the floor until the final minute. Though the Clips didn't quite put on the lob city show they're known for, there were plenty of dunks and other highlights including an end-of-game three pointer by Blake Griffin that shocked the crowd. Sunday's game also gave the Clippers their very first Pacific Division title. The Clippers have come a long way and even with all their flaws they've been a pure joy to watch the last couple seasons

But while 29 was the magic number for the Clippers, it didn't bring much luck to Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh whose home was burglarized while he was out celebrating his 29th birthday.  Bosh returned home after a ritzy celebration to find at least $340,000 worth of items from his home missing. San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich's home was also recently burglarized in what appears to be a string of thefts in his wealthy neighborhood. MySanAntonio News reports that Popovich's Air Force Academy class ring was stolen in addition to a diamond bracelet. The burglar reportedly only ransacked one room in Popovich's home, and if those were the only two things stolen in this bizarre crime, Popovich should consider himself lucky.

NFL player Brenden Ayanbadejo has dominated football headlines over the past week. First he was honored by PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) National alongside Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, for their support of marriage equality. Then he was released by the Baltimore Ravens who he helped win a Superbowl this year. Ayanbadejo had initially hinted that he was cut in some part due to his vocal support of gay rights (or at least the fact that he made too many headlines unrelated to field production) but then he backtracked on that.  Then he said that there may be four NFL players considering coming out as gay at the same time. But then he backtracked on that too. 

The truth is probably somewhere lost in all the sauce, but Ayanbadejo certainly deserves to be celebrated for being one of the first players, along with fellow linebacker Scott Fujita, to publicly and openly support gays in the NFL. At the same time, sexual orientation is still a very personal issue and I hate the thought that pressure might be building (especially in the press!) for an active player to come out. It might be time for us to let this topic breathe a little bit so that guys can make a decision on their own.

While we're getting in NFL players' business, I should mention that soon fans who attend professional football games will be able to see video from inside the home team's locker rooms. I can't quite wrap my mind around how video from the locker room beyond the typical pre game and post game speeches is going to be that entertaining or fruitful. I do understand that the NFL needs to improve the experience fans have at games because the at-home viewing experience has become increasingly more enjoyable. But cameras in the locker room and extensive replays don't make up for the ticket prices and traffic involved with game attendance. If this is all the NFL can come up with to encourage game attendance I predict more blackouts

Quick Bites:

Olympians Kelli Wells, Dawn Harper and LoLo Jones will again compete against each other for a $50,000 prize at the Drake Relays. 

The Wall Street Journal explores whether it's still better for golf when Tiger is in the number 1 spot

In case you missed it, First Lady Michelle Obama gave a touching tribute to Rachel Robinson, the widow of the late baseball player and activist Jackie Robinson's. "42," a movie about Robinson's life and times hit theaters this week and so far the reviews have been largely positive. 

The number 1 team entering the NCAA Mens' basketball tournament took home the trophy last night. The Louisville Cardinals orchestrated an impressive effort against the Michigan Wolverines and won 82-76. Even though Michigan lost, it was a winning night for freshman Spike Albrecht. Albrecht started the night a little known role player and finished it a star after playing probably 20 minutes of the best basketball seen in a college championship game. Added treat: After a week of folks debating whether Chris Webber should or would join his Fab 5 teammates at the game, he showed up and represented. It takes a big man to do that given all that he's been through.

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