Miami celebrated the Heat’s second consecutive championship yesterday with a parade that took the Heat through downtown Miami finishing up at American Airlines Arena where season-ticket holders got to participate in a private rally. The Heat entered the finals series as favorites to win over the Spurs and looked rocky at times almost losing Game 6. But they came back strong in Game 7 and Lebron James showed why any team he leads can never be counted out. James also took to Instagram and used the new video tool to have some fun gloating. Congratulations to the Miami Heat and their fans. Maybe one day me and my fellow Sixers' supporters will be able to enjoy the sweet smell of success!

I don’t know if you’ve been following the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers as they try to pull a switcheroo on the league but the whole thing has been entertaining. Essentially, Celtics coach Doc Rivers wants to coach the Clips and take 18 year veteran Kevin Garnett with him. Outgoing Commissioner David Stern has already put his foot down – much like he did when current Clipper guard Chris Paul tried to get away from the Hornets and sign with the Lakers. Stern has made it clear the league will not approve the Celtics signing over rights to Rivers plus trading KG to the Clippers whether at the same time or in separate deals.

None of this would be as interesting had the Clippers not been so exciting this season. The combination of Paul and superstar dunker Blake Griffin made the Clippers a prime time team even if not completely ready to contend.  The question now is whether or not Paul will stay and be a part of the organization’s immediate future. Getting the rights to one of the best coaches in the league probably increases the likelihood that Paul will remain a Clipper, but you never know…he is one unpredictable fellow.

I hate having to report on athletes in trouble, but unfortunately that happens sometimes. New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez is under investigation for a possible connection to a homicide. The investigation was spurred by police finding the body of one of Hernandez friends only a half a mile from Hernandez’s house a little over a month ago. This week Hernandez’s house was raided and the police appeared to leave with lots of items from his house that could be used as evidence.  Divers also searched a pond and a wooded area near the tight end’s house.

For his part, Hernandez attempted to show up for work in the midst of all this and was promptly turned away. He is now banned from the Patriots facilities until further notice. Patriots fans are probably on edge since Hernandez was well-positioned to emerge as a star within the team’s offense now that quarterback Tom Brady’s favorite target Wes Welker is gone and tight end Rob Gronkowski is chronically injured having had multiple surgeries this offseason.

Finally, tennis divas Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova are becoming as interesting off the court as they are on it. This week saw the two mavens trade some cheap shots in the press which I must say I enjoyed. Williams based Sharapova for dating her ex who she describes as “black-hearted” and Sharapova essentially accused Williams of being the Kim Zolciak of tennis and dating a married man. This happens all during the same week that Williams made people with good sense upset when she appeared to blame the Steubenville rape victim for being raped and then issued one of the top 5 worst apologies in the history of sports.

Williams took the opportunity at her Wimbledon presser to apologize to Sharapova and to re-apologize to the Steubenville victim and her family who she spoke to personally after her comments riled people up. Maybe next week will be a less dramatic one for our girl Serena as she breezes through the first rounds of the tournament. As far as people complaining about two women arguing I say let them go at it. I’m proud when two women aren’t afraid to aggressively compete and speak their minds.

That wraps up this week’s Sports Notes. Did we miss anything?

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