It seems like just yesterday when Miami Heat superstar Lebron James was the butt of corny jokes about how he didn't have a championship ring and was afraid to take the lead in key moments. But James' play this year, as a defending champion, is nothing to laugh about. He has been dominant, confident, and a pure joy to watch. Sunday night, the Heat extended their win streak to 26 games in a row. If you haven't caught any Heat games this season, now is the time to correct that error. History is being made and you should witness it with your own eyes. 

Speaking of win streaks, the Denver Nuggets had one going of their own, winning 15 games in a row before falling to the Hornets last night. Unfortunately, their run was overshadowed by, well, pretty much everyone and everything, including the Heat. The Nuggets don't have the most dynamic offense nor do they have a real superstar to hang their hat on but their defense is strong and keeps winning within reach even when they trail for large portions of a game. Neither the Heat or the Nuggets are winning every game in beautiful fashion but the end result has been fruitful as of late for both teams. 

The NCAA March Madness run by Florida Gulf Coast University is a Cinderella story for the ages. This is the first time a 15 seed has made it into the Sweet 16. The little known school beat Georgetown and then San Diego State to advance into the semi-finals just about a year and a half after being granted Division 1 status.  If you always root for the underdog, definitely check out FGCU in their next game against the Florida Gators. Given their dynamic play thus far there's always a chance they could really blow everyone's minds and make it into the Elite 8. 

Major League Baseball's opening day 2013 kicks off March 31. To promote the upcoming season, the MLB has released a video with various players talking about why they play the game. The video is pretty neat and features two of the game's African American stars to watch – Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen and Baltimore Orioles Center fielder Adam Jones. You can watch the video here

When Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III (RG3) tore his ACL in the playoffs last season it was a scary moment for NFL fans everywhere. Though plenty of athletes return to form after ACL injuries there are also many who don't. We all wondered how the 2012 rookie of the year would fare. His doctor, celebrated surgeon James Andrews, referred to RG3's progress as "unbelievable" and "superhuman" although he refused to give a timetable for Griffin's return. That is great news but it also raises hopes even higher that RG3 will be ready in time for the first game of the season.

Andrews is probably best known for treating Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson after he tore his ACL at the end of the 2011 season. Peterson returned in 2012 and had a season so spectacular that he came painfully close to breaking the NFL's single season rushing record. Peterson has publicly stated that folks shouldn't use his recovery as a barometer but comparisons still occur. It bothers me because there's so much pressure on guys to return after these injuries that I fear it can encourage the use of prohibited practices. I know that millions of dollars are on the line when it comes to star athletes but a little respect for the fact that every athlete's body and injury is different would be welcomed.

That wraps up this week's sports notes. Did we miss anything? 

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