This week baseball’s relationship with banned substances got even weirder. ESPN reported that soon the MLB may suspend about 20 players for their connection to the drug clinic Biogenesis of America. Apparently, Tony Bosch, the clinic’s founder, cooperated with an investigation conducted by MLB into the players the clinic once served or had relationships with. Biogenesis of America is no longer in operation but when it was allegedly served well-known baseball stars such as Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. Players may face suspension even if they didn’t receive illegal drugs from the clinic but lied about their connection to Bosch.

The MLB has been working to shake the scars that performance enhancing drug (PED) scandals have left on the sport over the years, but it has been difficult. Earlier this year, voters refused to put players into baseball’s Hall of Fame. That means Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Clemens were all left out in the cold as voters sought to make a statement about their use of PEDs.

It will be interesting to see if the mass suspensions related to Biogenesis bear out as ESPN has reported and whether it further affects fans’ perception of the game. As a casual fan of the sport—I mainly follow the Philadelphia Phillies and whatever Andrew McCutchen is up to—the MLB’s struggle with PEDs doesn’t mean much. But for diehard fans of the sport it can affect every facet of baseball conversations especially as it pertains to baseball history. How do fans and writers effectively evaluate an entire generation of players who were juicing?

In football news, this year’s Superbowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens received their rings and visited the White House where they were greeted by the President. Unfortunately, the team was without a few of the guys who contributed to the win like Anquan Boldin and Bernard Pollard, but judging by the Ravens’ Instagram pics, a good time was still had by all.

Everyone's favorite former football sideshow Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is headed to jail for 30 days for slapping his lawyer's hind parts during a court hearing. Johnson was before a judge for violating the terms of his domestic abuse probation. Remember, he was charged after headbutting his ex, Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada. You can watch the tape of the butt-slap that angered the judge on TMZ. It's kind of odd because it seems the judge was complimenting Johnson's lawyer which prompted Johnson to swat his lawyer's butt in a congratulatory way, as is common in the sports world. Still, it was another dumb move for Johnson that will land him in jail. 

Tonight is Game 3 of the NBA Finals as the Miami Heat head to San Antonio to face the Spurs with the series tied. Game 1 was a masterful display of team ball by the Spurs. Game 2 was the complete opposite as the Heat dominated the Spurs and extended a 10 point lead to a 19 point blowout late in the game. I don't expect the Spurs' stars to be as quiet as they were in Game 3 nor do I expect Lebron James to be virtually scoreless in the first half again. Game 3 should be a good battle and hopefully raise the ratings a bit. 

And there you have this week's sports notes. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments. 

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