Star Jones, a former co-host of The View, will take the lead on Divorce Court, the longest-running court show on television. It's not the media veteran's first time holding court on daytime television. In 1994, the former Brooklyn Prosecutor and District Attorney, served as the presiding judge on Jones & Jury, an arbitration reality show that set the tone for the court room tv genre. Now, Jones is back to dispense folks with some hard truths and tough love as she takes over the landmark show.

Jones sat down with EBONY to discuss joining Divorce Court and what she is most excited about for its upcoming season.

EBONY: How does it feel to be a part of a popular show like Divorce Court, a TV show that is part of the cultural zeitgeist?

Star Jones: It's really a beautiful cap to my career. Since I began in television, it has been my mission to serve as a voice for the voiceless. It's amazing that after 30 years of being in people's homes that remains true. I get to do it again. To be able to take this franchise to the next level is really a fantastic opportunity. I can tell you that this season, Divorce Court is really going back to its roots—entertaining folks with real and relatable stories while giving sound advice to encourage proper follow through. The show will have the same fun and frivolity that you're used to but with a whole lot of empathy and will highlight the challenges that numerous American families are facing right now in their own way. With the help of the producers and my partners on this project, I get to give tools and resources to the different litigants in order to help them succeed after they leave my courtroom.

What do you think is missing from other talk shows? What are you looking forward to bringing into this court room? 

To have this opportunity to really follow in the footsteps of three incredible women—Judge Mablean, Judge Lynn and Judge Faith—incredible Black women who really set the standard for Divorce Court since 1999. This is really the honor of a lifetime.

My goal this season was to have more couples walk away with substantial closure and make concrete decisions on whether or not to end or continue in their marriage, engagement or relationship. I think you will see that happen in every single episode. I think it's one of the reasons people will en and the "hard knocks of life" that 60 years in the game has given. I love every bit of it and 100% look forward to sharing it on screen.

When do you think people need their case heard in Divorce Court?

While each relationship is different, the one thing that is universal is that people come in just wanting their partner to listen to what the heck they have to say. Most people in relationships say they are communicating but they're not communicating effectively. They say that they're expressing what their needs, wants and desires are, but they're really not expressing it in a way that their partner is either hearing, listening or understanding. Divorce Court is a place where they can definitely get their position heard.