Steph Curry is ready to step out on faith and try his hand at something new: The Golden State Warrior has inked a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment to produce faith- and family-based projects for the studio.

In a new interview with Variety, the NBA champ reveals that he already has several films in development. The deal will also extend to video games, virtual reality and consumer products, with “faith, family and sports” based movies and television being the main focus.

Sony Pictures Executive VP of Brand Partnerships and Global Strategy Jeffrey Godsick spoke on the new partnership, telling the publication, “It was very important for us as a company to sign Steph. He chose us over many other opportunities he had because of the diversity for the company in so many different areas of entertainment, gaming, music and TV. We cover every area of pop culture and entertainment. That was important to him.”

Productions in development include a Wedding Crashers-esque comedy entitled Church Hoppers, and several Easter and Christmas projects. Still, he makes it clear that he has no intention of forcing his views on others but would rather provide more wholesome entertainment for those seeking it out.

“It’s not about me hitting people over the head with a Bible and telling them they have to believe a certain thing, or think a certain way.”

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