Stephen Curry has a lot to be happy about. He and his Golden State teammates won the 2018 NBA Finals, sweeping the Cavs 4-0. On June 12, the Warriors celebrated their win with the Warrior Parade in Oakland, California.

Champagne flowed, confetti fluttered and Curry was showered with admiration from fans, friends and family. His focus was on giving thanks to the all-star in his life, his wife, chef and lifestyle entrepreneur Ayesha Curry.

He showed just how much she truly means to him on Instagram when she was right by his side at the Warrior Parade. “Stuck daydreaming about all the memories this picture captures. Appreciate everything you do @ayeshacurry” he wrote in a post.

The two initially met in church when they were just teenagers. After dating throughout the years, they wed in 2011. They are expecting their third child very soon and are parents to two young girls, Ryan Carson and Riley.