Don Lemon conducted an uncomfortable interview with the grief-stricken older brother of Stephon Clark. Lemon tried to speak to Stevante Clark about the death of his unarmed brother at the hands of Sacramento, California police officers but things soon went left.

At the beginning of the live interview, Lemon asked, “How are you holding up right now?” in reference to Stephon Clark being shot 20 times in their grandmother’s backyard. Clark proceeded to ring a bell and tell the anchor to move on to a different question.

Lemon addressed the awkwardness of the moment and tried to speak about the “grief” of Clark losing his younger brother. Clark, however, denied grieving and talked instead about how the media is swarming his family.

“I am not in grief,” he retorted before claiming, “the media keeps following us everywhere we go.”

Clark, 25, then said the Sacramento mayor is the only person who “got the message” before discussing how the city planned to honor Stephon’s life with a library and a recreational center. He then went on a tirade about how the media “ruins lives forever” and told Lemon to let him speak to his people because they’re “both Black.”

Lemon interjected and said: “Can you let me get a word in, please? Listen, I have to manage the time here so that we can get something out of this interview.”

He then asked Clark to “talk about your brother please,” prompting the frustrated 25-year-old to demand that Lemon “say his name, say his name.”

After realizing the interview was going nowhere, Lemon closed by thanking Clark for his time and sending his condolences. When Clark was offscreen, Lemon told viewers: “Maybe it was just a little too soon for him to be on television. I hope his family gets justice and he’s welcome back on.”