President Trump’s removal of Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, from the National Security Council seems to be the chatter of the day and apparently it’s caught the attention of politicians and political watchers from the Black space who don’t seem like they’ll miss the former executive in the high level position.

In fact, there’s some funny tweets and memes going around the web poking fun at Trump’s newly demoted sidekick, who has been heavily associated with populist politics and the White supremacist rhetoric of the conservative website. Here are some of the best ones that have popped up since the news broke Wednesday morning.

Of course Rev. Jesse Jackson didn’t hesitate to make it known that he apparently wasn’t sorry about Bannon’s departure.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee had more to say than 140 characters would allow, so she released a full statement.

Political commentator and former member of the Clinton White House staff, Keith Boykin, never trusted Bannon in the job. Apparently neither does Donald Trump, which is why he got booted.

Even though Bannon was in the White House for less than three months, that was too much time for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who suspects something bigger is at play.

This one coins a new term for getting sacked.

Actor Jeffrey Wright actually is giving a tongue-in-cheek “I told you so,” referring back to an earlier tweet.

Rep. Yvette Clarke reminds us that Bannon wasn’t exactly fired. He’s still Trump’s chief strategist, but she feels he should get completely swept out.

Okay, this one isn’t necessarily from the Black space, but it’s still funny.

And Ice Cube is always available for social media users to help drive the point home.