Two men were walking down a street in Northern Philadelphia when they made a very big mistake — according to two police officers who detained them, locked one man inside a squad car, and searched them, all while making racially derogatory comments. The men's mistake? Saying hello to someone on the street.

"You don't say hi to strangers," Officer Philip Nace of the 25th District says about 20 seconds into a cell phone video taken by one of the men. "Not in this neighborhood," his partner adds. The officers seem unaware that the cell phone is recording video; for much of the 16 minutes, it appears to be sitting on the hood of the police cruiser. Officer Nace picks it up at one point, but doesn't notice he's being filmed.

Throughout the video, the police officers yell at the two men and offer questionable reasons for why they stopped them; they claim that they saw the men jaywalk, and that although they didn't, the officers could have gotten a call with the men's descriptions that would justify the stop.