We're back again, EBONY fam, with another round-up of the baddest, most well-dressed women on Instagram this week.

The social media platform has transitioned into a digital portfolio for influencers and models alike to channel their inner fashionistas. Whatever the occasion is—be it running to the store to grab a bacon, egg, and cheese, a night out with the girls, or even a red carpet event—we see it all and draw inspiration from their curated looks. With the click of a button, you can even save their photos to a hidden board that only you can see for future reference. The number of creative style configurations you can create based on those you follow, even those you don't follow, are endless. If you're lucky, they've tagged the brand or even included where you can directly purchase the item that catches your eye.

Although our cars don't fly and we can't teleport from place to place, we are living in the future and fashion is always the greatest predictor of what's to come. No matter the weather, each look that these "fashion-killas" served gave what it was supposed to give this week; take a look:

Kahlana Barfield

If you don't know Kahlana Barfield are you even into fashion and beauty? Her Insta-feed is filled with outfit info for not just you but your daughter too. It's 100% free fashion game.

Nasteha and Nuni Yusufs

This sister duo can teach you a thing or two about style. The plus is you get double the outfit inspo you need to mix and match your own looks.

Marjon Carlos

Your favorite carefree auntie is here to give you 'lewks' on 'lewks' for any occasion. Not only is she a great writer her shoe game is on fire. Marjon's dope captions and amazing outfits are the blueprint.

Karen Blanchard

Winter is coming and Karen Blanchard is sure enough showing out. If you're looking for a way to stay cozy but make it chic, she's your go-to.

Mecca James-Williams

If you're ever looking for outfit inspiration for upcoming trips this season, Mecca is your girl. Her feed is filled with looks for different cities, states, and countries so scroll through and prosper.

Lydia Tsegay

Who doesn't love a good mirror picture to show off a fly 'fit? Lydia Tsegay gives you multiple outfit pictures per day so options to emulate are endless.

Leomie Anderson

When it comes to Leomie, school is always in session. Get ready to not only learn how to dress but also "give face." Take notes and remember when it comes to perfecting your own personal style that practice makes perfect.

 Janet Ogunniran

Janet's looks are a mix between the girl next door and your favorite homegirl. Don't get us started on her vacation looks; they will have you ready to book a flight ASAP.

Jenee’ Naylor

This VA resident proves that that fall fashion is truly an underrated treasure. The comfort, the swag, and the sophistication—need we say more?

Shelcy & Christy Joseph

These sisters might not be twins but they keep that exact same energy when it comes to their effortless sense of fashion. You're bound to find inspiration from them.