As grateful that we are that Michelle and Barack Obama are still popping up on our news feed in all of their perfection, it’s making this whole separation thing even more difficult.

But alas, we’ve been painfully reminded, yet again, of the beauty that resides in the souls of our forever first couple. On Monday, Twitter user @96_brooke posted the response her mother received to the wedding invite she sent to the Obamas.

But her follow-up tweet containing a screenshot of a text exchange with her mama about the whole ordeal was even better.

Brooke’s mama has us too tickled. After Brooke’s tweet went viral, other Twitter users began sharing their own event invite responses from The Office Of Barack And Michelle Obama. Not only did the invites alone reveal that there was a refreshingly hearty level of optimism in the world, it’s mind-blowing to see how dedicated the Obamas still are to the people.

Twitter users @strawbreeee and @staceylinkk sent the Obamas an invite to their graduations.

Others like @1Rae_XO asked the Obamas to join her in celebrating the birth of her newborn.

In 2012, @viciousbabushka wanted them to stop by their daughter’s 2012 wedding:

You get the gist. In addition to being the best family to ever grace the White House, the Obamas took the time to respond to invites from entire strangers. Even after their 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. departure they’re still serving the people. Of course they’re probably not creating the responses themselves, but let’s pretend they are.

This family is truly a class act. Also, come back?