Howard Law student Tyrone Hankerson Jr. is at the center of the embezzlement scandal that has shaken up the University. Hankerson sat down with his attorney and Roland Martin to address the allegations brought up against him. The graduating student who says he’s set to graduate this May is accused of receiving over $429,000 in ill-gotten aid.

Hankerson maintained his innocence stated that the University authorized all funds given to him based on need and accommodations to being a year-round student with study abroad privileges. His lawyer says that the cost of attending HU for 7 years justifies the amount of money granted in his package.

The law student said he stopped working at the financial aid office during his undergraduate years from 2011-2015. He was never contacted during the audit that led to the firing of six employees. He defended his luxurious social posts by saying he has friends in the fashion industry, a roommate who is a photographer and a mom who taught him to live on a budget. Hankerson also said that being flashy is a part of the culture of the University and many people do it.

Watch the interview above.