Video of a Black high school student in Colorado punching a White student, who’s known for wearing Nazi attire, has gone viral on Twitter.

The incident, which occurred in August at Mountain Vista High School in Highlands Ranch, a suburb of Denver, began after the White student allegedly struck a T-pose in which a person demonstrates dominance, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office’s Lt. Lori Bronner told Denver’s ABC 7.

“Some people say it has been used by the KKK to represent a burning cross,” she told The Denver Post.

According to Bronner, the Black student confronted the other student for the pose and spit on him, and the White student spat back. The Black high schooler walked away but came back and punched the White student in the face.

Bronner said that the White student, who is seen wearing a green jacket in the video, picked up a rock and threw it at the Black student but missed.

“We’ve had no other situations like this,” said Bronner.

Both students were arrested; the Black student was charged with assault while and the White student was charged with harassment and disorderly conduct.

“Principal Michael Weaver told the parents that there was an altercation between two students,” Paula Hans, spokeswoman for the Douglas County School District, told the Post. “The administration worked with the students and families directly involved as well as the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.”

Earlier reports claimed that the White student had Nazi symbols on his green jacket but that the badge was not on his coat during the incident in August. Students told the Post that the teen had worn the symbols on his jacket before and reporters confirmed that he had posted images on Instagram of him wearing a Nazi uniform.