Everyone talks about self-compassion:

“Be gentle with yourself.”

“Take care of you.”

“Put yourself first.”

But it turns out that the practice has a gender bias.

According to a recent survey conducted by Dignity Health, women find it more difficult than men do when it comes to being kind to themselves.

Below are some key findings of the study.

  • Women are tougher critics. 43% of women find it difficult to be kind to themselves, while only 24% of men feel the same.
  • Self-kindness is rare. 72% of respondents agree that it is easier to be kinder to others than to themselves.
  • We’re not always kind to the ones we love. A vast majority (83%) of people admit they could have been more kind to their significant other in the past month.
  • Kindness matters. 77% of people think the relationships in their life would be stronger if the people close to them showed more kindness.
  • Kindness will spread more kindness. Nearly everyone polled (96%) say seeing those around them being kind to others inspires them to be kind as well. Together we can start a kindness revolution!

According to a press release sent to Ebony, 47 percent of women surveyed have resolved to be more gentle with themselves in 2018.

Today’s message is simple ladies, show yourself some love!