What does it mean to be the “Girl Next Door?” Are you wholesome in the face of Twitter ranting, jovial while splashing in puddles, or creating your own script where you are whomever you feel like being in the morning? Faking it ‘til you make is not adopting someone else’s descriptor—it is simply learning your lines and giving the performance of a lifetime.

For British actress Ashley Madekwe of ABC’s hit show Revenge, the ubiquitous “Girl Next Door” title is all of the above— and then some. In character, Madekwe plays an in-the-know social climber but in real life, she ascends the fashion chain of command without calculation. Through her eye-catching style blog, Ring My Bell, Madekwe proves she is a star in her own right as she strides at the pinnacle of street style where brands like Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney drape effortlessly over Urban Outfitters jeans and ASOS pairs well with vintage Chanel handbags.

At 30, Madekwe is a woman who undoubtedly knows what works best for her frame as she opts for dresses and skirts that accentuate her lengthy legs, tops that are generous, accessories that either over-or-under state, and blazers that transition through seasons. Equal parts downtown and uptown with a quarter of London flare, Madekwe’s fashion sense incorporates a smorgasbord of colors, influences, patterns and price ranges that include a few pairs of skyscraper Christian Louboutins like most of the modern mavens we adore. Anyone can slip on the latest trends, but it is Madekwe’s versatility that sets her apart as she adjusts to wherever the style pendulum lands from top of the morning sheath dress to full-on glam on the red carpet without numerous takes.

If looks could kill, Madekwe’s over-the-shoulder, doe-eyed smize is a stylish vendetta complete with tousled tresses and a coral pout. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold, but in Madekwe’s case, it is sizzling hot until the denouement. —Nicole Miles

(Photo Credits: Ring My Bell, and Zimbio)