Hannah Bronfman is that type of socialite. The 24 year-old entrepreneur, DJ and model revealed in a recent tweet that shes modeling for offbeat fashion brand Kaelen’s upcoming lookbook. Let’s just say she has plenty under her belt.

The youngest biracial daughter of former Warner Music Group Chairman and CEO, Edgar Bronfman Jr. and ’70s cult classic Shaft star Sherry Brewer, Bronfman is a fixture on the downtown New York social scene known around the country for its nouveau retro meets understated cool. 
In addition to her many side gigs, Bronfman co-runs Green Owl, an eco-friendly multimedia operation she founded with her older brother Ben, an environmentalist and also husband to alternative dance artist M.I.A. Owl features everything from bio diesel tour buses to soon-to-open medical marijuana dispensary. Another facet under the lifestyle brand is organically sourced clothing line that Bronfman designs herself.

Adjacent to her cerebral green friendly design aesthetic, her personal style paints a similar picture. From donning Prabal Gurung to vintage floral tops from the 1940s, and indie Japanese designers like Tsumori Chisato, Bronfman isn’t afraid of mixing the obscure with high end making her a darling among the street style bloggers. 
In an interview with Style Like U —the popular sartorial video lookbook series on everyday people with extraordinary closets, Bronfman shared that growing up Bronfman wasn’t all glitter and gold. She was singled out and suspended from the prestigious Spence School in Manhattan—where she was one of three African Americans in her grade—for smoking pot. She later enrolled in a more diverse prep school but felt the she couldn’t identify enough with the groups of kids in her school.

Today, that’s not the case. Bronfman is at home in the trend exploding downtown vibe of lower Manhattan. With her shoulder length full walnut colored hair and wide toothy smile, it’s no surprise to catch her at smaller boutiques like Honey in the Rough in the lower east side of New York or uptown at a major department store shopping event where she’s either the DJ or casually mingling with friends. 
In any case, Hannah Bronfman is not clamoring to get her picture taken— it’s usually the other way around. Photographers clamor to snap a picture of this effortless chic sartorial wonder.   —Jared Michael Lowe