Making the transition from guaranteed money to going after your dreams is quite the daunting task. It's tough, but at some point, one realizes that the life they once lived was way too safe and comfortable. Many men decide to go pass their comfort zone and start pushing the envelope and challenging themselves. Laz Alonso left a lucrative career on Wall Street to pursue an acting career, and he knows all about this kind of journey. 

Laz Alonso is one of the most consistently working actors to date.  Covering both television and the big screen, Alonso has been involved in some of the most relevant projects to date.  From his roles in Avatar, Jumping the Broom, to these roles in televisions shows like "Breakout Kings" and "Southland", Laz continues to get better with each role. The same can be said for his fashion choices.

Laz Alonso’s fashion sense can best described as classic with a modern twist. When it’s time to get dressed up, Laz steps right into the role. He keeps it simple with tailored looks and open collar shirts, mixing just the right amount of traditional. His red carpet looks consist of classic tailored suiting in neutral color ways.  Most recently, Alonso celebrated being appointed as the new travel ambassador for  He wore a tan suit with an indigo colored shirt and a black ankle boot. The suit was tailored to perfection and showed off his athletic build.  At the "Breakout Kings" premiere, Alonso wore a navy blue suit with a grey cast and subtle plaid print.

Part of being stylish involves knowing how to dress for the occasion.  When he’s not suited up, Alonso loves to rock casual looks that incorporate elements of trend.  

Early this year, Alonso attended a McDonald’s-sponsored event, he rocked a mixed media jacket made up of leather and paired with military green cargos and converses.  In July at an event at the Essence Music Festival, the actor opted for a polka dot double front-pocketed shirt with a pair of white pants, instead of a traditional suit. And later on at the BET Awards, Alonso donned a treated gray denim jacket with white v-neck and white denim.  

Being a well-dressed man isn’t always about making the loudest statement.   When we think of best dressed, sometimes we think about those who have outdone themselves on the red carpet. But menswear is more complex than that. Sometimes just being consistent, classic, and dapper is all one needs. Judging from the looks of Alonso, he’s got it covered. —Chris Law