This month, Idris Elba kills it on the cover of Details magazine. A unique style guy himself, Idris makes a point to always look fresh, but never too trendy. This got us wondering: how does an A-list celeb like him always look cool without becoming a slave to the newest trends for men? After some thought, we figured it out. Idris rocks out to his own rules, and you can follow suit. Check out five stylish cues you can take from the upcoming No Good Deed star.

1. Wear fitted (not tight) T-Shirts

Take note: Idris sports the best fitting tees he can find. They hugs his biceps while giving ample room in the chest area.

2. Understand the Power of the Overcoat

Many times, Elba has shown up to red carpet events with a simple statement piece—the overcoat. It’s too hot to sport one now, but make a mental reminder for fall. You’ll come off powerful and mysterious.

3. Learn how to find and wear a well-fitting suit (sometimes a three-piece)  

We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s nothing like a man in a suit.” So before you stand in line for those retro Jordans, consider elevating your existing wardrobe with a suit instead.

4. Grow a Beard (if you can)

Facial hair is in. Baby faces are out. Sorry, Pharrell.

5. Man, do you

Idris obviously stays true to himself. He seems to wear whatever the hell he wants, no questions asked. He may not always be on the best-dressed lists, but he always makes a style statement. So fellas, find your vibe and don’t let anyone kill it.

—Corey Chalumeau