10 Haute Pairs of Sandals for Day or Night

10 Haute Pairs of Sandals for Day or Night

Ditch the flip-flops for chic flats that effortlessly mix comfort and style

Sandals are having a serious moment right now. Show off your pedicure and let your feet breathe in flat sandals that are stylish and transferable from day to night. When you want to give your favorite pair of heels a rest, today’s sandals include funky prints, edgy studs and floral accents you can wear to the beach (and even the office). Ditch the basic rubber flip-flops and check out 10 stylish flat sandals to take you through spring and summer.

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—Patrice J. Williams

Patrice J. Williams is a NYC-based writer and on-air style expert behind Looking Fly on a Dime. Her motto is your style is never determined by your wallet. Follow Patrice on Twitter and Instagram for daily style inspiration.

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