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Andre Leon Talley, Robin Givhan Chat


Considering all of the behind-the-scenes fashion industry tales they would tell, lunch with Andre Leon Talley and Robin Givhan would definitely be worth the time. Recently, at the Savannah School of Art & Design, both sat down with designer Ralph Rucci and shared a candid conversation covering a wide range of topics from celebrities to the internet. Perhaps the most juicy tidbits centered on Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, in regards to this year's Met Ball. 

Talley revealed why the Queen Bey was late, and in doing so reminded us (in case we forgot) she does in fact run the world. "Beyonce was not slated to come," Talley said. "She decided to come last minute when the dress [which he later said took 350 hours to sew] arrived at her house. She tried it on and then she said, ‘okay, I have to come.’ She did arrive at 8:55 and the ball had already started but it didn’t matter because she is Beyonce." 

As for Kim Kardashian, Rucci spoke freely of his distaste for the reality star. When Givhan asked the designer if he would ever dress Kardashian, he simply responded, "No, I think that’s bastardizing yourself [as a designer]." Ouch.

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