[BEAUTY 101] Would You Wear Designer Deodorant?

[BEAUTY 101] Would You Wear Designer Deodorant?

High-end brands take new interest in the underarms of the world, but would you make the investment? Take a look at these designer offerings

Deodorant is the one thing that we use but rarely discuss; you know, the item that we mindlessly count in even strokes to mask our ‘pit perspiration. But how do we decide on the prowess of one brand over another to make us smell like teen spirit?

Designer deodorants are nothing new; in fact, they have been around in fragrance gift sets and as stand-alone items for years, but I have to wonder if they are worth replacing your trusty brand of choice for?

If you are willing to trek into unchartered whiff-territory, here are 7 designer deodorants we’d suggest trying.

—Nicole Miles

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