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CVS to Ditch All Sun Tanning Products!

On a mission to bring awareness to skin health and potential sun damage CVS will rid it’s shelves of all sun tanning products under SPF 15.

If the heat in New York City has anyone ready to hit the sand and lay out tan, you may be surprised to run into some loopholes if CVS is your skin-bake-savvy drugstore of choice. The mass retailer is getting rid of all sun care products under SPF 15.

On a mission to bring awareness to how important it is to protect your skin, CVS teamed up with Johnson & Johnson and the American Academy of Cancer in a new “Long Live Skin” campaign which prompted the retailer to get rid of sun tanning products. En-route to greater skin, CVS will be rolling out weekly deals on sunscreen products, a moving social campaign, and post tips on their site to help achieve healthy radiant skin.


Photo: CVS

If you have brown skink and think you don’t have to worry about sun care, that is not true. Skin with high levels of melanin is still at risk to excessive sun exposure and sun damage which can lead to major health issues like skin cancer further down the line. To be sure you are not caught out there in a sunny situation follow these CVS tips below.

4 steps to healthy, radiant skin:

  1. Cleanse for an attractive, healthy look
  2. Treat to maintain a healthier appearance
  3. Moisturize to hydrate skin
  4. Protect with SPF every day to keep skin ageless & alive


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