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Gabrielle Union Has Us Taking Notes on Natural Curly Hair

Gabrielle Union proves that curly natural hair makes you younger with new photos from her Flawless haircare launch in Miami.

We all know Gabrielle Union is a stunner in the beauty department. With her perfectly smooth complexion, gorgeous smile and tight and right body, she’s got it going on!

There was already a consensus that she’s been swimming in the fountain of youth, but these new images will have you thinking the Benjamin Button theory is applicable.

Case and point …


Looking at the above photo, we could’ve sworn this woman was the younger sister or cousin of Union. But no. It’s the queen herself at her Flawless by Gabrielle Union haircare launch at Ulta Beauty this past weekend.

News broke earlier this year that Gabby would be putting the haircare line in motion, and since its launch, the actress has ditched her long and wavy-to-straight style tresses for a much curlier, coiled look.


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Scrolling through the images and videos from the last couple of weeks, we noticed a trend and had to ask: Does curly hair make you look younger?

Curls represent vibrancy because of the bounce and fullness it creates, which can represent a more youthful looking glow. Here’s some of our favorite celebrity women pictured rocking both the straight and coiled styles below.

Gabrielle Union Gabrielle Union

Photos: @gabunion Instagram

Curly v. Straight. Gabby looks significantly younger on the right.

Gabrielle Union Gabrielle Union

Photos: @Beyoncé Instagram

Although the photos are two years apart, Beyoncé looks abundantly younger with curly hair.

Gabrielle Union Gabrielle Union

Photos: @tarajiphenson Instagram.

These photos were posted to Taraji P Henson’s account just a week apart and the curly hair photo is a more youthful shot.

Gabrielle Union Gabrielle Union

Photos: @sanaalathan Instagram

Although Sanaa looks amazing with straight hair the picture on the right with curly hair is more youthful.

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