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JET Presents: JET Beauty of the Week 4/19 – Summer Wheaton

JET Beauty of the Week summer wheaton

That’s right, y’all, the legendary JET Beauty of the Week is back! Keeping up with years of tradition, JET is looking for the best, brightest, boldest and most beautiful to showcase. This week, JET has selected Summer Wheaton, a Los Angeles native killing it in multiple disciplines.

Summer’s ambitions first started at school for business at Hampton University. After graduating,  she moved on to work at BET, CBS, Ad Age and  e-commerce trendsetters, Nasty Gal and TopShop. After a few strategic career moves, Summer realized she was gradually becoming a celebrity & social media influencer. She also realized that she wasn’t a 9 to fiver.  

Next, she found a mentor at the time was a celebrity Realtor in Beverly Hills. Following the guidance of her mentor Summer took classes, passed the state board test and has now  figured out a way to monetize her celebutante friendships. Today she works in real estate, matching glossy homes for  your favorite professional athletes, actors, musicians and business owners. Clever girl!

beauty-of-the-week-jet-summer-wheaton beauty-of-the-week-jet-summer-wheaton beauty-of-the-week-jet-summer-wheaton

Check out the Q & A with Summer Wheaton and how to apply to be JET Beauty of the Week at!


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