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BED HEAD BLUES: Turn a Bad Hair Day into an Ultra-Glam Look!

That early morning fight with unruly tresses is a lethal one. If your sleek style falls flat or your curls defiantly miss their cues, try your hand at three creative coifs that save the day.

BLOW OUT: Curls are tricky. One day they’re fluffy and fabulous and the next day they’re matted and void of all definition. When your natural is not so hot, try a blowout. Work with your frizz as opposed to trying to fix it. Help your tresses expand with the help of a blow-dryer. With your hands, grasp and stretch small sections of curls and quickly apply the medium-set tool to your roots and briefly along the strip of hair. When you’ve finished, slightly lift your roots with the help of a pick for extra added volume.

MESSY TWIST: Stop over-processing your hair by flat-ironing that same piece to death. When your wrap loses its magic, toss in a few messy curls. Soiled hair actually holds curls better than freshly-washed hair, so you’ll have no problems curling large sections in a short amount of time. Finger-comb back, twist up, and use bobby pins to secure. Let your hair determine the twist. You want disheveled glam.

TUCK & ROLL: Seriously, this style will swoop in and save any day two disaster. Incorporate an exaggerated side part and use a moisturizer to soothe frizz. Tuck or two-strand twist your hair around to the nape of your neck. Perform the same twist on the opposite side. Leftover pieces can be rolled into a bun or tucked and pinned on either side. —Kimberly Walker 

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