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Beyonce’s Secret Weapon for Dry Skin

Beyonce is flawless. I dare you to disagree with that statement. The new mommy, known for her red carpet glow, has revealed in numerous interviews that she has chronically dry skin. Those of us cursed with the same skin type tend to suffer during this pollen-infused season of itchiness, sniffles and slight inflammation from aggressive tissue rubbing around puffy eyes. Don’t you just love spring?

Leave it to the superstar to save us from our dry skin suffering. Her top skin savior isn’t some million dollar miracle cream, nor a high-end buy. It’s a simple drug store gem. It’s Aquaphor, folks. A thick, greasy ointment that’s been sitting on my grandmother’s dresser likely since it was created. The protectant, used for chaffing, soothing burns, scaling and any other type of dry skin nightmare, retails for around six or seven bucks. Bey says she slathers the sludge-like product all over her face before bedtime. Smart girl.

Along with Aquaphor, Beyonce is also known to be a huge fan of emu oil, a moisturizing skin softener. It’s said to have incredible anti-aging properties, which may mean Tina Knowles has been dipping in her daughter’s stash, because she’s looking particularly youthful these days.

Other seasonal dry skin savers include Cetaphil, an emollient that binds water to the skin, Eucerin, an incredibly rich cream that immediately soothes, and Lumene Sensitive Skin 5 Min SOS Cream.

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