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Black Wedding Style: A Signature of Love

Bride:  Charity Miles Williams

Groom:  Alonzo D. Williams

Wedding Date: May 4, 2012

Occupations: Bride: Attorney/Groom: Verizon Wireless Sales Manager

Location: Historical District, Downtown Memphis, TN

Photographer: Creation Studios 

Wedding Dress: From White Lace & Promises

Wedding planner:  Andria Lewis Events

The bride on her special day:

“The most memorable part of the wedding day was the exchanging of our vows and being pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo D. Williams, followed by our amazing reception/party. Our reception definitely illustrated our personalities. At our reception, we had the signature songs for each of our alma maters played, which was a great way to bring out our love of tradition, friends and family. Everyone was able to join in singing the songs and had a blast! We ended the night with a trolley ride to Beale Street for a night of dancing with our friends. Overall, it was a perfect day!”

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