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[BLACK WEDDING STYLE] A Wedding Fit for Royalty!

Bride: Anna-Kaye Chisholm Price

Groom: Nikolaus Price

Wedding Date: 10/19/2013

Wedding Location: Port Royal, Jamaica

Photography: Dwayne Watkins

The bride on their special day:

“The wedding took place at an historical fort in the famous historical town of Port Royal. We used that old rustic vibe as the foundation and placed modern touches against it. This is also seen in the venue choices for the photos (engagement and wedding) and even in the dress (lace with a modern twist).

“The choice of decor was also very eclectic: cocktail and soft seating mixed with formal dinner tables. Our wedding colors were navy blue, royal purple and yellow, but they were all used as accent colors and white as the prominent. I wanted to use the white to lift and enhance the beauty of the architecture.”

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