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[BLACK WEDDING STYLE]One Beautiful Couple Weds at their Alma Mater: Howard University!

Bride: Nya McKenzie

Groom: Jamel  Reid

Wedding Date: 04/27/2013

Wedding Location: Washington, DC

Photography: Photography: Ilene Squires Photography 

The bride on their special day:

We wanted to share a our love with the people we love most. I planned every detail of the wedding! The special kick to our story is that we met at the Health and Science Library on Howard University’s campus while Jamel was in medical school. So we wanted to show the common love we have for our alma mater. It meant so much to us that we were able to wed at Howard’s historic chapel. At the reception, we served our favorite food and drinks and played our favorite songs. Our family and friends enjoyed hand rolled cigars by a cigar roller, while I found myself in awe of the art galleries’ local artists.

Their wedding style: 

For my wedding dress was, I went with simple and organic. I went dress shopping once with my mom, looking for something simple and timeless. I love boutique one of a kind dresses and found mine in one shot!

The special advice they received as newlyweds:

Our pastor gave us the best advice that I share with my friends that are engaged: spend the same about of time planning for a life together as we did planning our wedding. And we did just that!

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