Elegance on an Island of Love!

Elegance on an Island of Love!

Leslia and Leander had one of the most beautiful weddings in the Bahamas. Check out their amazing pictures!

BrideLeslia Brice

Groom:  Leander Brice

Wedding Date: 10/5/2013

Wedding Location: Nassau, Bahamas 

Photographer: KBobb Photography 


The bride on their special day:

The theme of our wedding was Royal Winter Elegance. The planning process wasn't hard for us at all, as we had an awesome team to help us execute the vision. I'm a hands on person, so I sourced my wedding invitations, chose my flowers, found my bridesmaids gowns, designed my wedding website and even more! I really did a lot on my own and my team made sure our vision was brought to life.


Thank heavens we had no challenges, everything went so smooth with the planning, that I thought for sure on our wedding day, a hurricane would pass over. Luckily, I woke up to a beautiful, sun shining day filled with love. My signature wedding color was purple, as this is the color of royalty.


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