[BLACK WEDDING STYLE]How One Couple Found Inspiration from the Sun on Their Special Day!

Bride: Jinitza Daniel

Groom: Brenton Daniel

Wedding Date: 08/31/2014

Wedding Location: Asbury Park Grove, Charlotte, North Carolina

Photographer:  Casey Hendrickson Photography

Our Wedding Theme:

Our theme was built around my canary yellow diamond engagement ring. I adore the color of yellow and the many shades that reflect the sun and happiness.

Our Incorporation of Culture:

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We played a mixture of Spanish and Reggae music. My family is from Jamaica and Puerto Rico and his family is from Trinidad. The fusion was amazing. 

Our Special Wedding Advice:

Be sure to hire a wedding coordinator to help the you the month of the wedding. Also, don’t wait until the last minute on help from your friends and family. You’ll be overwhelmed towards the time of your wedding date if you do.

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