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[BLACK WEDDING STYLE]A Bright, Beautiful Union Inspired by Long-Lasting Love

Bride: Ayana Roberts

Groom: Savill Collins

Wedding Date: 04/26/2014

Wedding Location: B Moore Events

Photography: Photographer: Scobey Photography

Their wedding style:

Our wedding was contemporary. My wedding dress was designed by Marissa and was a trumpet style, lace dress with a beautiful open back detail. My favorite accessories were the diamond earrings and bracelet my husband gave me as a wedding gift.

Incorporation of Culture:

Savill and my parents, are who we use as examples for what a marriage should be based on. Collectively they have been married for close to 90 years! I wanted to include them in the ceremony. So before our recessional, our parents came up to the altar and Savill’s brother in law, James, led us in a unity prayer. It was a beautiful moment.

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