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[BLACK WEDDING STYLE]Their Ceremony Was Gorgeous… but Look at Their Cake!

Bride: Jacqueline Butts

Groom: Preston Butts

Wedding Date: 09/21/2013

Wedding Venue: Memphis, Tennessee

Photographer: Photography: Creation Studios

Wedding Planner/Event Designer: Andria Lewis Events LLC

The bride on her special day:

“After the engagement and picking a date, we had nine months to plan the wedding. It started out a little overwhelming, but after being introduced to Andria Lewis, everything got simple. Andria became our wedding planner. She planned, designed, and orchestrated it in its entirety from start to finish. We were able to enjoy the planning process with little to no problems.

“We did not have a noticeable theme for our wedding. The only thing we wanted was a fun atmosphere that when you looked at it, it was sophisticated and sexy, but when everything started up, it was fun and laid back. To sum up our wedding, you could say modern, elegant, and sexy/sophisticated fun.”

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