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[BLACK WEDDING STYLE] This is How You Get Married, Gatsby Style!

Bride: Amber Harper King

Groom: Terris King II

Wedding Date: 12/31/2013

Wedding Location: Asheville, NC, The Biltmore Estate—Lioncrest

Photographer: Mozingo Photography

The bride on their special day: 

“We met in college. Terris went to Morehouse College in Atlanta, and I attended Spelman College across the street. We met at a party at a restaurant in Piedmont Park. Our wedding theme was a rustic, luxe, Great Gatsby party. I wore a strapless, mermaid gown.

“My favorite wedding accessories were my hair accessory and the removable shear straps my seamstress added to the dress. We incorporated culture by jumping the broom; my sister and I made our own broom. My best memory from my wedding was our ‘first look’ time. It was so nice to be with Terris and calm my nerves. It was exciting, soothing, and reassuring all at the same time.”

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