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Box Braids Just Might Be Back

The 90’s were fun. Cross Colours, gangsta flicks, party jams and a penchant for all things afro-centric enveloped Black culture. On the hair front, long synthetic braids covered our heads and we adorned them with everything from gold beaded accessories to cabby hats. As the years passed, box braids became smaller and smaller until the trend virtually evaporated. Though little known naturalistas still flaunted the ‘do in recent years, it was Solange who helped to re-popularize the style for a new generation.

Here’s how you can rock the trend.


2012’s braids are drastically long, almost reaching your posterior. Rapunzel-length braids are chic, indulgent, and full of styling potential. However, with longer braids, opt for a slightly smaller braid width to avoid tugging and pulling at your roots. We also love how creative women are getting with color, by splashing in a number of bronzed browns with contrasting jet black.


This is my absolute favorite look for spring and summer braids. Show off your facial structure by scooping up braids into a full, high bun. Swoop forwards, backwards or in a circle. Use long bobby pins to secure.


This requires very little effort, but looks so adorable. After wearing braids on one shoulder, gather, braid the mass, and twist into a side chignon. Without the use of a styling product, braids can be easily manipulated into practically any style. Perfect for those who like to change their style frequently, but need to give their tired tresses a rest.


You can use human hair for your braids or synthetic Kanekalon hair. If you’re a little fuzzy on how to find a professional braider in your area, check out to find a stylist in your state.

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