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[BRIDAL BEAUTY 101]Butter London Debuts Chic Wedding Inspired Collection

[BRIDAL BEAUTY 101]Butter London Debuts Chic Wedding Inspired Collection

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For those who read me, this may not come as a surprise, but my favorite week by far is New York Bridal Fashion Week. It’s the time to see all the newest trends in bridal beauty and fashion. This year, one of my favorite nail brands, Butter London, launched its Sweet Somethings Collection–and I am in love!

This set has to be some of the prettiest pastel and neutral colors I have ever seen. With names like Doily, Alabaster Gaze, Pink Ribbon, and Petticoat, how can you not covet them all? Let me give you the sweet breakdown on these lovely nail lacquers.

Doily is a shimmering light pink overcoat which gives the illusion of a lace detail. For my girls who like their manicures simple and want the ring to get all the attention, make this your polish for the day.

Alabaster Glaze is an opaque pearl-white with a shimmer–and anything with shimmer is a win in my book.  One of the most classic bridal trends when it comes to nails is the French manicure.  Try this shade for a modern French mani twist.

Pink Ribbon offers something I love about Butter London’s signature– perfect creamy textures. The pink offers just that, but, don’t go looking for shimmer here.

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Petticoat will be your touch of something blue!  The trendy periwinkle shade has quite a bit of shimmer in it and can offer a slightly less feminine touch for those brides skipping the uber glam look.

Butter London has seriously done it again with this amazing bridal nail collection, and at $35 for the full collection, it would honestly make great gifts for all the girls in your bridal party.

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