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Carol’s Daughter Bought by L’Oreal

L'Oréal USA Purchases Carol's Daughter

Lisa Price today announced that Carol's Daughter, the beauty brand she created in her Brooklyn kitchen in 1993, will be acquired by L'oreal USA.

In a video posted to the brand's Facebook page she says: I want to thank all of you for the support and the love and for being beside me, and I want you to hold my hand as we walk into this next chapter of the Carol's Daughter life…It brings me pride and joy to be able to join a family like L'oreal because I know I'll be with the right shepherd…a company that will help to take what I've built and solidify it in it's place in history and beauty, and I don't have to wonder, if 20 years from now–30 years from now, will there still be a Carol's Daughter brand. I know that there will be because I'm joining a team that builds brands and builds them to last. I'm not going anywhere. This isn't the end of Carol's Daughter. It's a new beginning, so I couldn't have asked for a more perfect home for my first child–my business.

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