Celebrity Hair Stylist Kim Kimble on Maintaining Weaves in Summer

Kim Kimble

This week, Kim Kimble, celebrity hairstylist to stars such as BeyoncéKelly Rowland and Eve, and a star in her own right on WE tv’s LA Hair, offers readers the lowdown on maintaining a weave in the summer months! Kimble gives advice for which products to use, tips on how to avoid knots and the best way to keep a weave tight at night.

Find out how to maintain your weave during the summer with the following hot tips.

EBONY: ​When transitioning into the hot summer months, what are your tips on ensuing a sexy weave?

Kim Kimble: You should use a high-quality weave, and have the right shampoo and conditioner, like my Kimble Hair Care System’s Untangle The Shampoo and The Conditioner.

​EBONY: ​What is the best way to avoid knots in the summertime and to keep hair sliky and smooth?

​KK: Detangle, Detangle, Detangle- Detangling! A good shampoo and conditioner will keep the hair from getting knotty!

​EBONY: ​To keep a weave tight but also clean, what product do you recommend to maintain a healthy hair and scalp?

KK: Kimble Hair Care System’s Scalp Relief will help keep bacteria and dirt from building up on your hair and scalp.

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Image: courtesy of Fendi

​EBONY: ​After a long day in the sun, how can we maintain sexy hair for the morning without getting awful knots?

​KK: ​Simply braid or put rollers in the hair and use a silk bonnet to keep hair in top shape. If you take good care of your weave, it will last a long time!

Tune into Kim Kimble’s LA Hair every Thursday at 10/9C on WE tv. Follow her on Twitter @kimblehaircare.


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