Saved for the cool crowd, consider the waist-tied-top trend the inverted, less Carlton Banks-esque way of wearing a cardigan around your shoulders. 

Hollywood’s trendiest personalities, from Kanye West to Rihanna, have been known to rock the look for a relaxed, hipster-chic vibe. Many are wearing their tops-turned-accessories in chambrays and plaids and pair them with denim and leather, snapback caps and cool boots. 

Try the trend by tying the sleeves of a long-sleeve, button down top around your waist, knotting them just below your stomach. Let the back of the shirt hang to the back of your knees covering your rear.

Our vote for best-dressed goes to Rita Ora for her interpretation of the trend blending sporty, punk and chic pieces to create a well put together ensemble. Who gets your vote?

–Lyndsay Luff

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