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DULY NOTED: Solange Masters Colorblocking

The singer turned mom turned model turned deejay turned actress—why don’t we stop there—has been undeniably #winning on the fashion scene for quite some time now. 

With a petite frame and a head full of hair, the Knowles sister looks great in just about anything she puts on but we can’t help but notice her trend of choice this season: cool colorblocking.

Colorblocking is a simple trend to try and for ladies with Solange’s skinny minny stature, you can get away with just about any version of the look. Girls with curves, don’t shy away from colorblocking. Rock bold, bright colors in the areas of your body that you’d like to add some dimension to and stick with neutrals or pastels on those regions you hope others will miss.

Whether it’s bright on bright or neutral on bright, take notes because you can find Solange leading the pack in varying colorblock pieces. 

Now you be the judge. Which would you say suits her best? 

—Lyndsay Luff

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